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Following a conversation between my uncle, Simon Harris of Green Hippo, and David Newton, I am writing to you to apply for work experience at Potion Pictures in May 2016. I am currently in year 10 studying my first year of GCSE at secondary school, and I hope that you are able to offer me a placement with your company.
An artist study in the style of Alexis Marcou, concentrating on shading and abstract forms.
Work Experience Application
This is an observational piece completed for a nature project, exploring the use of biro to create depth and tone.
For GCSE, I am currently studying all core subjects, including a Triple Award in Science, as well as my four chosen subjects: Graphics, Art, History and French. My latest report predicted A or A* grades in all subjects, and I’m pleased to say that so far I’m on target! I am passionate about my studies, and very dedicated to the subjects that require more time and diligence, such as Art, which I think shows in my grades.
I am also very passionate about music, and enjoy teaching myself to play new instruments. Through school I played up to Grade 5 level in flute, and I’m teaching myself guitar and the ukulele, as well as occasionally the piano. I also enjoy reading and films, and like to take inspiration from both for my art projects. EndFragment
An observational piece completed for a nature project. I started with my own photos and some from the Internet and recreated them in other media (in this case acrylic paints).
My second artist copy for my artist research project. I used the same media as the artist (tonal pencils) to accurately represent his style.
I was drawn to your company by the creative and unique nature of all your projects. I enjoy visual effects and animated clips, and found yours really imaginative and appealing; aspects I hope to capture in all of my work. I was also impressed with the range of projects, and how each was representative of the product it was advertising or displaying. I aspire to achieve the same level of skill as is evident in the work of Potion Pictures. Through work experience in your company, I would hope to develop skills in design as well as learning about the processes of projects and how they are created in a workplace environment. I think that these would help me in pursuing a creative career in the future and choosing what to study for A-levels and beyond. EndFragment
Thank you for taking the time to consider my application for work experience at Potion Pictures. If you wish to contact me, here are my details: Email: Email (parent): Mobile (parent): 078 00 55 88 04 11 Cuckoo Lane, Fareham, Hants, P014 3PJ I hope you had a great Christmas, and wish you a Happy New Year. I look forward to hearing from you.  Lauren Harris.
I completed this piece as a front cover design for an artist research project on Laura Bennett. 
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